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"I like bruises and scratches, delicate faces and skin and bone, little illustrations and fragile things."

all the boys like girls with peach schnapps on their lips

Posted: August 22nd


Take me

drown me

blood spills

am I dying?

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Posted: August 22nd

sad people find me because I am one of them

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Posted: August 22nd

i go to sleep by A. Royce on Flickr.

image n° 81: this time i did not cryghent, dec 2013

julien macdonald f/w 2011


I have had too many baby teeth pulled from me and maybe I am still too young for anything more. I will probably come back and change this poem because it is bare and frightening.

Posted: August 21st

it hurts but that’s okay

Posted: August 20th

maybe I want things to be more than okay

Posted: August 18th